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Phd Productions

Savanna Groft, a third grader at the time, was assigned a project at school. Her teacher asked her to crochet a round placemat as part of her handwork studies. Savanna’s initial efforts yielded a round disk, but because she had not added enough stitches, the disc curled under forming a small lip. This placemat of sorts sat on a table in her living room until Savanna’s friends, Hannah and Ellie came over to visit. On a whim, Hannah and Ellie’s dad, Chris, picked up the disc and threw it. It sailed across the living room and the Pocket Disc was born.

The ShadangdangThe two families formed Phd Productions, LLC with the intention of making more flying discs. They worked for months refining the design and materials, with Savanna’s mom, Mindy Groft, crocheting new designs.

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Pocket Discs

Pocket Discs

The ultimate indoor/outdoor flying disc [Product Details...]

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